Farooq Feed & Allied products, a name of quality and authenticity. We manufactures different top of the line cattle and poultry feeds. Farooq feed holds the title of the biggest feed manufactures here in Pakistan. Our quality and services says it all.

Farooq Feed & Allied Products, is well known for formulating feeds and imported and domestic feed ingredients that work. Farooq Feed& Allied product has privately owned the company for three generations. We understand and know what it takes to make the correct feed. The reason this business was started, was because we don't believe in magic and shortcuts to get the results you need, we believe in hard work, determination and technique. We pride ourselves in adapting today's Hi-tech world, while at the same time maintaining our philosophy by achieving the best results with good old fashioned techniques as well as modern technology and hard work.

This continuous progress is outcome of modern technology, aggressive marketing strategies, and rationalized system of operation. Now we are on the path of making Farooq feed the first choice of the farmers. Almost Farooq feed is serving cattle feeds more than 1000 local farmers.