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1-Palm Kernel Cake.

  • First firm to import & Introduce Palm Kernel Cake in Pakistan.
  • Largest Importer of Palm Kernel Cake from 2006 - 2010.
  • Pioneer Importer of Palm Kernel Cake from 2005-2009
  • Imported from Palm from Malaysia & Indonesia.
  • Farooq Feed is the only feed mill in Pakistan who chartered its own Vessel of Palm Kernel Cake.


2-Khopra Cake

  • First firm to import Khopra cake in Pakistan.
  • Largest Importer of Khopra Cake in Pakistan.
  • Imported from Indonesia & Phillipines.


3-Soya Bean Meal

  • Regular Importer of Soya bean Meal in Pakistan.
  • One of a few trading house in Pakistan to import soya bean meal.
  • Imported mainly from Argentina & India.



  • One of a few manufacturers in Pakistan to import barley.
  • Mostly Import from Ukraine & Australia.
  • Largest Trader of Barley from year 2008-2011



  • One of a few Manufacturer Importer of Oats in Pakistan.
  • Imported from Ukraine


6-Yellow Corn

  • Started trading of Yellow corn from 1997
  • Imported largest quantity of yellow corn during the shortage of 2006-2007
  • One of a few manufacturer in Pakistan to export yellow corn during the year 2009



Our Group is working as a agent with Rafhan Maize Product since 1990. Chapri group is the only agent of rafhan maize products in Karachi-Quetta, Pakistan. Chapri group is working as an agent in below products.

  • CG 30%
  • CG 60%
  • Maize Oil Cake
  • Buffaloes